When we give to missions, we are fulfilling scripture by spreading the gospel throughout the whole world (Mark 16:15).  The following is a list of the missionaries we support.  Please pray for them and feel free to email them notes of encouragement if their email address is listed (please do NOT send them spam or forwarded emails).  We currently support a total of 16 missionaries monthly, some of which are in dangerous countries and cannot be listed.  We have an annual Missions Convention with 3 missionaries in one weekend and other missionaries throughout the year.  Our goal as a church is to tithe to missions every year.  The youth Ministry also sponsors a young boy named Nathan from Uganda through Haven of Hope.

Douglas & Carol Baldwin – Ecuador

Joe & Heidi Barrale – Chi Alpha

They are meeting with Penn State in Middletown to start an on-campus ministry in fall.  Traveling to churches to help them start young adult ministries and college ministries. (Website)

Michael & Jessica Brown – Honduras

Jamie Holden – Mantour Ministries

Pat & Brenda Mahar – Botswana

James & Sherry Sabella – Southeast Europe
(former pastor of Mifflinburg Assembly)

They are the Area Directors for the Countries of Central Europe.  The Pentecostal churches are expanding rapidly in these countries and they are working along side of them to help spread of the Gospel.  Their biggest challenges right now are visa issues. It is getting more and more difficult for our missionaries to get visas to live and minister in Europe.

David & Paual Stanislaus